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Tomato battle hits Brooklyn this weekend

The Tomato Battle comes to Brooklyn this weekend.

The Tomato Battle comes to Brooklyn this weekend. Credit: Getty Images

Ever dream of pelting friends and strangers head-to-toe with tomatoes? Well, maybe not, but there's a chance do it this weekend in Brooklyn.

The NYC Tomato Battle is set for this Saturdayin Floyd Bennett Field in Flatbush, and live band music, beer (available for 21+) and, of course, lots and lots of tomatoes will all be on hand. Entry is $50.

The Tide-sponsored event has hit cities San Francisco and Dallas before, but now New Yorkers can get their chance to partake in the mayem. And if the juicy fruit runs out mid-battle, the hosts promise a giant mud fight in its place. (Don't worry, the tomatoes aren't just being wasted -- they're all past ripe and can’t be sold.)

The NYC Tomato Battle will run from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. and tickets can be purchased here.

Watch video of the Dallas battle below:

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