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Top 5 movies deserving a 3-D re-release

Independence Day

Independence Day Photo Credit: Independence Day

“The Lion King,” first released in 1994, has roared over the box office the past two weeks in an upgraded 3-D re-release.

We smell a future trend here. amNewYork takes a look at some other films that might rule the roost if they were brought back to the big screen in 3-D. And we’re going to exclude all the “Star Wars” movies, because they will be coming back to theaters in 3-D starting in February with “The Phantom Menace.”

‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’
Imagine, if you will, Indiana Jones clutching a golden idol while being chased down a corridor by a humungous boulder. Pretty exhilarating, right? Now imagine it in 3-D. I know.

‘Jurassic Park’
Steven Spielberg’s epic dinosaur film was a masterful piece of terror. Those giant computer-generated dinosaurs were amazing to behold, and we can only imagine how stunning they’d look sporting a third dimension.

If it worked for “The Lion King,” a re-release of one of Disney’s other blockbuster animated films of the 1990s seems like the logical next step. “Aladdin” is the obvious choice with its sweeping magic-carpet rides and the Genie’s extravagant transformations.

‘Independence Day’
You’ll definitely enjoy all the spaceships flying around and Will Smith leaping through the air against a backdrop of explosions. But you’ll really be blown away when the aliens destroy the White House in 3-D.

So many elements of this 1980s classic would be incredible to see in 3-D, from the colorful streams of the Ghostbusters’ proton packs to the gelatinous green ghost Slimer or the specter in the library.

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