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Top 5: Reasons to be a couch potato on Thursday

Love Bites

Love Bites Credit: Handout

You're going to need to be incredibly creative with your DVRing Thursday night, as there are some top-notch television programs airing, all pretty much at the same time.

10 & 10:30 p.m., Comedy Central
Get ready for a double dose of your favorite futuristic delivery crew. In the first episode of the new season, an alien swaps the gender of everyone at Planet Express, and at the bottom of the hour, clones of Bender the robot threaten to destroy the world. The series might not be as good as it once was, but it's still great to have Fry, Leela and friends on television. Grade: B-

10 p.m., FX
This show, a remake of an Australian series, features down-on-his-luck, suicidal Ryan (played by former Hobbit Elijah Wood) pining for his next-door neighbor and buddying up with her dog, Wilfred. While most people just see a dog, Ryan sees an uncouth Australian man (Jason Gann, who originated the role and co-created the series) in a dog costume. The duo form a strange bond as Wilfred doles out odd philosophical advice while trying to keep Ryan from pursuing his master. Grade: B

10 p.m., USA
I will officially forgive Gabriel Macht for his involvement with "The Spirit," because his new legal series, "Suits," is a heck of a good time. Macht plays a hotshot lawyer who brings in a gifted legal mind (Patrick J. Adams) as his new protégé. The twist? The protégé is a college drop-out and sometime criminal. Grade: B+

10:30, FX
The second-season premiere opens with Louis C.K. having an uncomfortable talk with his daughter (she likes Mommy more, she tells him) and then proceeding to deal with his very pregnant sister. This series is rife with awkward, hilarious moments, though the description might have sounded mundane. Then again, so did most episodes of "Seinfeld." Grade: A

'Love Bites'
10 p.m., NBC/4
It's OK if you aren't aware of this NBC show, which sees its fourth episode airing tonight: This kind-of anthology series is a true hidden gem. Revolving around three storylines and three main characters - Becki Newton, Greg Grunberg and Constance Zimmer - the series typically offers one-off tales each week, which means that characters who took center stage one episode might be in the background the next. It may sound like a mess, but it works in such a pleasant and rewarding way that I found the first three episodes - available on - to be delightful. Grade: B+

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