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Transit workers take final pricey trip to Great Adventure

Thousands of transit workers and their families will head to Great Adventure on Saturday, the last of three trips to the amusement park that former officials of the cash-strapped union negotiated for a hefty $2 million.

As amNewYork reported in January, prior Transport Workers Union Local 100 leaders agreed in 2008 to shell out the $2 million to cover one blowout “Family Day” at the park, but it was expanded to three trips after attendance was spotty.

The current union leadership defended their decision to go to the New Jersey park this weekend, saying that the trip was already paid for and there was no way they could get their money back. Officials also said that while the current festivities are popular, the union will probably opt for something more subdued in the future for their family outings.

All 10,000 tickets for the event, which cost $35, were snapped up as of earlier this week, officials said. “There was a mad dash at the last minute,” said TWU spokesman Jim Gannon.

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