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Trump doesn't like taking lumps

An undated file photo of Donald Trump.

An undated file photo of Donald Trump. Credit: Getty Images

The Donald is learning that it isn’t so easy being politically critiqued — much less ridiculed — as he flirts with a run for president in the face of plummeting polls.

On Tuesday, Public Policy Polling reported that Donald Trump plunged in the last month from being the leading Republican candidate, with 26 percent support, to tying for fifth place with 8 percent.

Yesterday, Trump intimated to a crowd of 700 in Nashua, N.H., that he may run as an independent, given that he has taken pot shots from even fellow Republicans.

“I had no idea I would get hammered in the way I’ve been hammered the past few weeks,” he said.

The “Apprentice” host was famously annoyed by his relentless roasting at the White House Correspondents Dinner last month, where comedian Seth Meyers quipped that he assumed the real estate mogul “was running as a joke.”

Trump also took his lumps in the press by leading a “birther” charge that suggested President Barack Obama might not have been born in the U.S. Obama proved him wrong by releasing his long-form birth certificate last month.

In yesterday’s speech, Trump said the U.S. needed business leaders running the country. He promised to cancel aid to Pakistan unless the country dumped its nuclear weapons and endorsed torture.

“We would not have caught [Osama] bin Laden without it,” he reportedly said. 


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