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Trying hot Yoga for the first time

Yoga in a hot room is sure to

Yoga in a hot room is sure to make you sweat. (Getty) Credit: Yoga in a hot room is sure to make you sweat. (Getty)

As someone who enjoys going to yoga classes regularly, when I heard about Yoga to the People's Traditional Hot Yoga I wanted to try it. Adding variation to my routine was one reason, but the challenge was another.

Typical yoga is Power Vinyaste Flow, which focuses on breathing in relation to the continuous movements of the body. Each pose seamlessly flows into the next. Hot Yoga's slower pace was a surprising difference.

Hot Yoga is a series of 26 poses and two-breathing exercises, not to be confused with Bikram Yoga. Though both are performed in a room heated to 105-108 degrees, Bikram Yoga is described as more rigorous and fast-paced, while Yoga to the People's Hot Yoga is designed for beginners, which is good because I am definitely a beginner.

The poses were slower and more precise than what I'm used to, focusing on flexibility and balance.

At times I felt unsure of what I was doing, but the instructors were helpful, teaching and guiding students who struggled to keep up with the steady flow of the class and showing us the proper way to position our bodies.

The varying poses combined with the temperature made for a difficult workout, both mentally and physically. It was certainly tough, but sweating out the toxins felt refreshing and rewarding.


Tips from Hot Yoga instructor Sarah Schwartz:

1. Don't drink too much water in class
"Drinking water makes it harder in the room because your body has to digest it," Schwartz said. "The more water you drink, the harder it may be, so ration what you actually need."

2. Keep the clothing light
"Less is best," Schwartz said. "If you feel shy, you can wear full clothing, but make yourself comfortable."

3. Stay motivated throughout
"Sometimes people get dizzy and nauseous and try to leave the room," Schwartz said. "If you feel that way, just sit down. We tell people their first time goal should just be staying in the room."

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