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Turn the tables during an interview



“Do you have any questions for me?”

It is quite possibly the most difficult question that you can receive during an interview. If you don’t have any questions, you risk looking ill-prepared or as though you don’t care about the position.

Researching the company and coming to the interview prepared with intelligent questions will help demonstrate that you are engaged and serious about the opportunity.

Here are some potential topics to explore during your next job interview.

Typical work day

Find out what your everyday tasks will look like if you are offered the job. Will you be required to use certain tools or programs? Will you collaborate with clients or outside resources? Will you have managerial responsibilities?

Division of responsibilities

Find out the percentage of time you will spend on each of your responsibilities. Then you can decide whether the role concentrates enough on your talents and interests.

Interviewer’s career path

Learn about your interviewer’s path to the company, including why he or she came to the company, how long he or she has been there, and what his or her job entails.

Job favorites

Ask your interviewer about his or her favorite aspects of the company. This can give you some quick highlights about the company and a glimpse into its personality.

Company culture

Explore the general atmosphere at the company, co-worker interactions, relationships between supervisors and employees, and transparency. It will help to determine whether you will be happy working there.


Learn more about the reporting structure at the company, including your line of supervisors and any employees or groups that you may manage.

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