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Twin Shadow draws from world inspiration

Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow Photo Credit: Handout

It’s hard to place George Lewis Jr.

Born in the Dominican Republic, raised in strip-mall Florida and reconciled to Bushwick (with stopovers in Boston, Copenhagen and Berlin), the 26-year-old musician perpetually keeps one eye cocked toward the horizon.

This wanderlust carries over into his well-received debut record as Twin Shadow, “Forget,” a seamless synthesis of ’80s pop and milky, Morrissey-esque vocals.

amNY spoke with Lewis during a rare visit home.

You’ve moved around a lot, and your family does, too. How does that work?
In my family, it’s a bit of a nomadic nature that goes across the board. We’re very close, but we can go without seeing each other for a year at a time.

What’s your link to Berlin?
I have three sisters…they all live there. One set the trend, and we all visited, and another got work in Ghent in Belgium, which is even weirder. Then the last one fell in love with a Spanish boy who has an apartment in Berlin, and there you go.

What do you like about living in Bushwick?
Nothing and everything. I live in the straight-up Dominican part, and that’s kind of cool, because I feel slightly attached to my people. But there’s nothing I really love about it. It’s loud, it’s noisy. I definitely plan on upgrading at some point.

Did you have an idea of the styles you wanted to work with on “Forget”?
The whole record is really based on instinct, which is informed by the last hundred years of music. It’s all in there. I wasn’t too conscious of everything that I was doing. I think there is a lot of flipping within each song because of that.

It feels generational, that inclination to break genre.
I have a theory on that. We live in a time when it’s so easy to look back at so many different things all at once, in one day. I’m not saying I feel this way, but some people feel that all the ideas are out [there], and now it’s just rearranging them, cutting them up, chopping them up and mixing them up. I think that is super-valid.

Do you think you’ll settle down here?
It seems like maneuvering your situation in America is much easier, only because you know how to speak the language and you know how to deal with people. If I want to go get a mansion on Coney Island tomorrow, I know I can get my ass off the chair and go try to make that work.

If you go: Twin Shadow is at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Friday at 8 p.m. 66 N. Sixth St., Williamsburg, 717-486-5400. $15


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