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Veteran cop falls to death in struggle with perp

Alain Schaberger, 42, died when a suspect he

Alain Schaberger, 42, died when a suspect he was arresting in Brooklyn pushed him over a railing. The officer fell 9 feet into a concrete stairwell below leading to the basement, breaking his neck, police said. Credit: Alain Schaberger (NYPD File)

A veteran city cop was killed yesterday when a domestic abuse suspect shoved him off the stoop of a Brooklyn building, causing him to fall about nine feet and break his neck, police said.

Officer Alain Schaberger, 42, of Westchester County, initially responded to a domestic dispute call at 334 Bergen St. in Boerum Hill in Brooklyn, police said. The 48-year-old woman who made the 911 call said the suspect, George Villanueva, had fled, so the officers took her to his residence nearby at 45 St. Marks Place.

As cops brought him outside, the woman fingered him as the suspect. Villanueva, 42, struggled with then shoved Schaberger over the stoop's railing to his death, police said.

Villanueva was charged with first-degree murder of a police officer, criminal contempt of court and third-degree assault.

Villanueva has 28 prior arrests, mostly for robbery and burglary. He was arrested twice last month for domestic incidents against the same woman, with whom he has 12 prior domestic incidents.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday praised Schaberger’s valor.

"This morning he and his family made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our city safe."

David Kozlow, 55, who worked with Schaberger at the 84th Precinct, said the 10-year veteran was a good cop and that tragedy can be part of the job.

"You go out on these calls and you hope that they don’t go sour," he said. "People get angry, and they go over the edge."

He added: "The young guys here, they’re taking it bad. It’s always hard that first time that one of your co-workers die in the line of duty."

(with Dina Davis and Newsday)

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