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Victoria's Secret models dole out Valentine's shopping advice

Victoria's Secret supermodels Candice Swanepoel, left, and Lily

Victoria's Secret supermodels Candice Swanepoel, left, and Lily Aldridge. (Getty) Credit: Victoria's Secret supermodels Candice Swanepoel, left, and Lily Aldridge. (Getty)

Finding the perfect sexy little something for your significant other just got easier.

Victoria's Secret beauties Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge - who are used to wearing the sexiest styles out there gave us their oh-so-sexy, oh-so-simple Valentine's Day shopping tips during a trip to the Herald Square store Wednesday.

-- Struggling to figure out exactly what she likes? Start with some well-meaning snooping. "It's good to do a little bit of investigating before," Swanepoel said. "Just go and do some snooping and see what she likes, and then come into the store."

-- Remember that comfort always equals sexiness. "It doesn't matter how sexy something looks - if you're not comfortable, it's not sexy," said Aldridge.

-- That said, if she's the adventurous type, go for something bold. "The world has become so much about work and people forget to concentrate on their relationships, which is the most important thing in life," Swanepoel said. "I think to spice it up, try something different. It's always exciting to see what kind of lingerie your guy can pick out."

-- Even if you don't buy lingerie for your lady the other 364 days of the year, now is your chance. As Aldridge put it: "It's that time of year you're reminded to have fun and wear something cute and sexy and really have fun as a couple."

-- Remember guys: You can always ask for help during your shopping trip - that's what employees are there for. "It's 2013 - men should not be nervous to pick out lingerie," Swanepoel said. "Women love it. And there are always [employees] to help. [They] look at guys in the store like, "'Wow. That's a nice guy.'"

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