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Wall St. protesters march past City Hall

Several hundred Occupy Wall Street protesters marched past New York's City Hall Wednesday night in a show of solidarity with protesters in Oakland, Calif., who have been clashing with police.

While numerous police officers stood watch, the protesters marched past the padlocked gates surrounding City Hall chanting "March with Oakland." The marchers circled City Hall and broke into smaller groups as they returned to Zuccotti Park.

Protesters stopped traffic and NYPD officials said they had arrested some demonstrators Wednesday night. Video broadcast on WNBC news late Wednesday night showed demonstrators in lower Manhattan facing off with police officers and several being wrestled to the ground.

Protesters in lower Manhattan said last night's march was done to show support for Oakland's Occupy Wall Street, where police in riot gear used tear gas to clear hundreds of protesters from an encampment Tuesday.

The clash between Oakland police and Occupy Wall Street protesters left an Iraq War veteran hospitalized Wednesday after a projectile struck him.

Scott Olsen, 24, suffered a fractured skull Tuesday in a march with other protesters toward Oakland City Hall, said Dottie Guy, of the Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Earlier Wednesday in Manhattan, Occupy Wall Street protesters held a speak-out and march targeting the health insurance industry.

Several hundred protesters marched to the offices at Empire Blue Cross/BlueShield, located near the movement's encampment in Zuccotti Park, where they demanded health care for all. They also targeted other health insurance companies.

The march ended at the closed St. Vincent's Hospital in Greenwich Village, where they called for the hospital's reopening. The Catholic-affiliated hospital filed for bankruptcy before closing in April.

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