Fiscal experts and Wall Street observers Tuesday agreed that Goldman Sachs’ testimony before a Senate panel was more show than substance, but could spark reform.

“What the actual showboating in Congress does, is maybe moves the ball … in terms of getting financial reform passed,” said Barry Ritholtz, of “The Big Picture” finance blog, “but as far as Goldman Sachs is concerned, it has almost no impact.”

Kelly Cogan, 28, of the West Village, called the publicized chastising of the banking giant “a waste of time.”

Michael Fishkop, 32, a Staten Island resident who works on Wall Street, added that Goldman Sachs is “an easy target. There’s a misconception that Goldman hasn't suffered like any other company since the financial downturn.”

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The executives at Goldman Sachs did, however, seem to defend themselves well Tuesday, according to Forbes executive editor Neil Weinberg. “Their stock was up today. … Usually that’s the quickest and dirtiest way to tell how they did.”