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Want to own Obama's old Chrysler? You can buy it on eBay right now


amNY Credit: The eBay auction for Obama's Chrysler/eBay

Forget Obamacare – it's all about the Obamacar.

The 2005 Chrysler President Obama used to cruise in Illinois is up for auction on eBay, and if you happen to have a meager $1 million lying around, it could be all yours.

The Kelley Blue Book, the go-to guide for used-car prices, values the fully loaded Chrysler 300C at $19,142, but Illinois man Tim O’Boyle believes a $980,000 increase is nothing to own a piece of history.

This isn’t the ride's first time on the auction block – this is round three. O’Boyle first attempted to bank off the President’s inauguration by posting the car on eBay in 2008 with a starting bid of $100,000. After a series of fake bids pushed the price to $100 million, the website removed the ad.

O’Boyle tired again earlier this month, enlisting the help of an experienced car seller and set a requirement of a $2,000 deposit within 24 hours of closing, but alas, still no interest in Obama’s former ride.

Refusing to admit defeat, the two relisted the post, accompanied by a scan of the car’s title written in the President’s name.

The former Illinois senator ditched this gas-guzzler back in July 2007 when he kicked off his presidential campaign, replacing it with the eco-friendly 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid.

Like Obama, some may be turned off by the cost to gas up this vehicle, but if you’re willing to drop $1 million for a $19,142 car, what are a few extra gallons a month?

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