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Watch out! Blackberry is planning a comeback


Blackberry Credit: (Getty Images)

In the second quarter of 2009, Research In Motion's stock was flying high at $148 as its iconic line of Blackberry smartphones held a 19% share of the market.

By September 2012, the stock fell as low as $6.22, while market shares shrank to 5% as the Apple iPhone and Google Android juggernauts took over.

But wait! There's some excitement in the air, and RIM's stock has quietly more than doubled to the $13 range.

See, RIM's upcoming Blackberry 10 operating system is generating the tech world's most valuable commodity : Good old-fashioned buzz.

BB10's slick new touch screen interface and innovative virtual keyboard are finally getting people talking about Blackberry as a real competitor within the marketplace rather than just another also-ran.

Now, it's still a bit too early to judge just how well RIM's new products will sell in the real world - BB10 smartphones won't be released into the wild until January.

And there are other factors at play. How aggressively will carriers market the phones?

Will the Blackberry app universe be strong enough to please shoppers?

These are tough questions to answer, but one thing's for certain: for the first time in years, RIM's back in the game.

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