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Editorial: We strive to be a voice for New York

New York City skyline

New York City skyline Credit: Getty Images

Good morning, and welcome to the opinion page of amNewYork. As we make our debut Monday morning, we’re proud to become a regular part of Manhattan’s largest daily paper and of New York City.

So what’s our angle?

Let’s start with what we won’t do. We won’t tell you what to think. You live or work in one of the most dynamic places on Earth, and we’re guessing you already know plenty about other people’s opinions. We’ll try not to make the cacophony worse.

What we will do is add a clear and emphatic voice to New York’s public conversation. We’ll use our editorial platform to argue firmly, fairly and, we trust, convincingly, on behalf of the millions who live or work in the city.

Maybe you’re among the 7.6 million who use city subways and buses daily.

Maybe your children are among the 1.1 million enrolled in one of the city’s 1,700 public schools.

Maybe you’re a recent arrival from another country who’s trying to figure out how our crazy political system works and why it is like it is.

Or maybe you just want to ensure that the political classes in City Hall and Albany pursue policies that advance a good quality of life for everyone.

We want to advocate on your behalf.

We’ll call out the MTA when we think it’s charging too much, or shutting down subway stations that should stay open, or neglecting maintenance.

We’ll keep an eye on City Hall, school headquarters at Tweed Courthouse, and the NYPD for this simple reason: We want to make sure the people who pay the taxes and invest their lives here as residents or workers get a fair shake.

New York can be the most magnificent amalgam of people and architecture and engineering ever. It can also be maddeningly abrasive. But what do you expect? The city has 8.2 million residents jammed into 470 square miles. Commuters send the numbers even higher.

The place needs a voice of hope and reason, and that’s what we will be.  

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