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Weatherwoman pleads not guilty to fake rape rap: report



A TV meteorologist told cops that stress and a desire for attention led her to concoct a story about being sexually assaulted, said reports citing court records.

“I did make this up,” Heidi Jones, 37, told investigators, according to the Daily News. “I made it up for attention. I have so much stress at work, in my personal life and with my family. I know there is no justification for it.”

The WABC weatherwoman, who has appeared on “Good Morning America,” pleaded not guilty in Manhattan Court yesterday to charges of filing a false report.

Jones told cops on Dec. 1 that a man tried to attack her in September in Central Park, and then threatened her outside her apartment in November.

Prosecutors claim she recanted her initial statement 12 days later.

Jones “has been vilified in a hailstorm of defamatory claims,” said her attorney, Paul F. Callan, in an e-mail statement. He also questioned “the accuracy and legal admissibility of the so-called confession.”

Jones, who faces a year in jail, is due back in court March 16.

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