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What happened to Bristol Palin's face?!


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Hello, Bristol Palin.

Wait, is that Bristol Palin?

That’s the question we were asking Thursday, after pics surfaced of the abstinence ambassador, 20, debuting a brand-new visage at a fashion event last week. Granted, the infamous Alaskan seemed to have considerably slimmed down, but it also seems the single mom had more than a little professional help.

(“Well, she does look better,” one of our male colleagues chimed in). To be sure, we checked in with some experts to get the scoop on whether Bristol’s drastically different mug had any surgical enhancements.

Dr. Barry Weintraub, American Society of Plastic Surgeons:
"Bristol lost quite a bit of weight, which makes her look different but there are some tell-tale signs of plastic surgery as well.

The heightened level of the brow and the pronounced arch that you see in the after picture (as opposed to the horizontal, low laying brown in the before shot) is characteristic of Botox treatments to the vertical frown lines between the eyes and the horizontal lines on the forehead. It looks like she had a hump on her nose in the before picture and in the after shot her nose appears to be slenderized, so she very well may have had the bony part of her nose filed down.

Bristol might also have had a chin augmentation, and even though she's clearly lost weight from the time she was photographed in the before shot, her cheeks appear to have more volume, which might be the result of injected volumizers. Volumizers include Radiesse, Restylane, and others."

Dr Sam Rizk, NYC Facial Plastic Surgeons:
"It would appear that Bristol may have undergone facial liposuction of the cheeks and submental region, and a possible chin implant that has created a more elongated jawline. She may also have lost some weight which would account for the facial slimming effect as well."

Drs Elie and Jody Levine, Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC, PLLC:
“She lost a ton of weight which accounts for the main difference but she also appears to have used botox around her eyes and brows.  This is a good reason to wait after having a baby before having major cosmetic surgery because the body changes so much in the first year after having a child.”

 Wendy Lewis, Knife Coach (
"Bristol finally polished up her look. Either she lost some weight in her face or had some facial sculpting done to enhance her cheekbones, jawline and chin contours. Her chin seems much more pointy so perhaps she had an implant placed or some long lasting fillers like Radiesse or Perlane to add some definition. Sarah's little girl from Alaska is looking much more sophisticated."



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