As the chilly season comes to a close in New York, growers in warmer regions such as California, Texas and Florida are nearing the end of their citrus harvests, meaning their fruits are especially sweet, according to Jason Stemm, a consultant for Duda Farm Fresh Foods.

"What makes them so good right now is that all are well into the season and have probably had some extra time on the tree, providing a higher Brix level," Stemm said, referring to a sugar measuring rubric.

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One sweet winter specialty is the blood orange — a crimson-fleshed fruit with a stunning color and remarkable taste. A pigment called anthocyanin, commonly found in flowers, makes the flesh of this juicy orange variety a distinctive red. Use blood oranges for juicing, or add blood orange juice to cocktails or sangrias. They're also perfect for snacking, tasty atop salads, and great for orange-based desserts, such as sorbets.

Also in season are Meyer lemons — a variety of lemon so sweet you can eat it out of hand. These dark-yellow fruits have a super-sugary flavor perfect for lemonade. Meyer lemons can't be beat when it comes to desserts such as cakes, cupcakes or custards, and they can add a sweet and zesty flavor to savory recipes that call for regular lemons.

Citrus prices vary, but you can find blood oranges for about $1.50 each, and Meyer lemons for about $3 per pound.