A Limburger Steak Hache from Nice Matin.

New Yorkers can partake in the third annual Winter Stinky Cheese Festival, and all its associated smells from March 3-12.

An initiative by the Culinary Tour de France restaurant group, the ten-day festival will exhibit more than 20 types of cheeses such as Limburger, Taleggio, Epoisse and Stinky Bishop.

According to Simon Oren, the founder and owner of Culinary Tour de France, “We had a raclette on the menu [at French Roast Uptown] and people couldn’t stop talking about the smell the cheese was exuding. Call it counter-intuitive but I knew it would bring a draw into the restaurant.”

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Partnering up for this event are nine French restaurants – Nice Matin, Marseille, Café D’Alsace, French Roast (Uptown & Downtown), Le Monde, L’Express, Maison and Pigalle.

While the Executive Chefs will showcase exclusive menus, each restaurant will also offer a standard three-course meal consisting of an appetizer – Raclette De Fromage, an entrée – Chicken Cordon Bleu and dessert – Poached Pear with Gorgonzola. Each chef will put their own twist on the dishes, based on their region of expertise, Oren said.

Along with wine pairings, guests can expect entrée prices from $8.00 - $24.00.

“As a group of nine restaurants with award-winning chefs we are giving the people of New York the opportunity to experience a classic favorite in some unconventional ways with different French regional twists” said Oren, a believer in the universal appeal of cheese.  For more, go to tourdefrancenyc.com.