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Why amNY's logo is orange today



One in five New Yorkers struggles to afford food. Think about this the next time you’re riding a crowded subway, walking down a busy street or shopping at a grocery store.

One in five New Yorkers looks at their resources and wonders how they will put food on the table.

On the upside, the Food Bank for New York City can bring five healthy meals to our neediest neighbors for just $1.

Purchasing a morning latte or downloading music costs money that we rarely think about. But today, we want every New Yorker to be proud of what they can do with a single dollar. The Food Bank has a positive, lasting effect on the lives of New Yorkers every day, and we’re asking you to take part by donating, volunteering and advocating in your communities.

Tuesday, the amNewYork logo and the Empire State Building are orange. While orange is the color of hunger awareness, today it’s our bat signal, calling you to serve and support the one in five mothers, children, seniors, veterans and neighbors who rely on soup kitchens, food pantries and after-school programs — the one in five who depend on the Food Bank.

Answer the call. Get involved. Visit  

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