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Will Plaxico return to the Giants?

Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress

Believe it or not, Plaxico Burress and Tom Coughlin reportedly have a meeting scheduled for Friday to determine the feasibility of the 34-year-old wide receiver returning to the Giants.

Coughlin, of course, had some rather strong feelings about Burress after his most-fined player shot himself in the leg at a Manhattan nightclub, landing himself a 21-month jail stretch. And Burress has gone on record as saying Coughlin is not exactly his type of coach.

Yet, with the Steelers also expressing interest, Burress could land back with the Giants for an ESPN-reported two-year, $10.6 million deal based mostly on incentives.

The flies on the wall certainly will be buzzing. Here’s a sampling of what they might overhear.

“So, Plax, had any good meals lately?” -- the rumor is that this will be a dinner meeting, though it’s highly unlikely Coughlin would consider stepping outside his office the night before training camp officially begins. Still, Plaxico may be hoping for a good feed after subsisting on prison ham sandwiches.

“You mean you still have meetings?” -- Prison changes people, but how much? Sure, Plax doesn’t carry illegal concealed weapons anymore, but will he follow Coughlin’s strict rules regarding punctuality and practice participation which he regularly flaunted in his first go-around here? People only change so much, you know.

“Whatever.” -- Eli Manning makes a surprise guest appearance to tell Coughlin he’ll take whatever targets the coach gives him. Manning said he doesn’t have an opinion on whether Burress should return, but you know he secretly yearns to throw that fade to the back of the end zone he’s kept in storage for two years.

“Hmmmm. I always looked good in black and gold.” -- The burden is on Burress to convince Coughlin he can be a good scout. In the end, Burress might be better off heading back to his original team, the Steelers, or maybe giving Miami a shout. Too much baggage to carry up here. 

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