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William Bratton rebuffs Donald Trump request to attend roll call

New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton rebuffed a request Friday by presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to attend a roll call in the aftermath of the shootings that left five officers dead in Dallas.

Bratton said he would be happy to discuss New York City’s precautions to protect city cops with both Trump and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

But he said “our interest is staying out of the politics of the moment, not to provide photo ops.”

A request appears to have come in from Trump’s team to speak at a roll call, Bratton said.

“If Mr. Trump wants to speak to me, I would be happy to brief him on what we’re doing. If Senator Clinton wants to speak to me, I would very happy to brief her on what we’re doing. But we are not in the business of providing photo ops for candidates.”

Bratton spoke at a Friday afternoon news conference at NYPD headquarters about what the NYPD is doing to protect city officers from a similar attack. Bratton said his office had received a request from Clinton’s staff to set up a call about the NYPD’s plans.

A voicemail message left with Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks was not returned. But according to a published report, Hicks denied that Trump’s team had sought to speak at a roll call.

Clinton’s representatives couldn’t be reached for comment.

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