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With Weiner's scandal, 2013 mayoral race is shaken up


amny Credit: Getty Images

Fiorello LaGuardia, Ed Koch — and Alec Baldwin? The “30 Rock” star is reportedly seeing Anthony Weiner’s political implosion as an opening to flex his own long-held ambitions and become the next mayor of New York.

Indeed, the woes of Weiner — who was seen just weeks ago as the likely front-runner in the race for mayor in 2013 — has recast the political playing field, potentially clearing the way for well-known candidates and dark horses alike.

“It’s a whole new ball game,” said Evan Stavisky, a Democratic political consultant.

“Whenever you lose a top-tier candidate out of a race, those votes are now up for grabs. So the challenge is for all of the [other] candidates ... to capitalize on Weiner’s misfortune.”

He added: “Every candidate benefits from Anthony Weiner’s misfortune.”

amNewYork examines the potential field, which at this point only has one declared candidate: former Comptroller Bill Thompson.

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