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Witnesses dispute accused cop's claims


amny Credit: Kenneth Moreno, left, and Franklin Mata, right (Jefferson Siegel)

Officer Kenneth Moreno apparently was caught in two lies Thursday during his rape trial in Manhattan.

District attorney’s investigator Edward Tacchi, who arrested Moreno in 2008 for allegedly raping a drunken fashion executive after escorting her to her East Village apartment, contradicted Moreno’s claim to jurors that he immediately denied having sex with the woman.

“He did not say that,” Tacchi testified, adding that the 20-year veteran cop only asked for a lawyer.

Another witness, paramedic Manuel Karamanos, refuted Moreno’s claim that he didn’t call an ambulance for the intoxicated 29-year-old Gap executive because of a previous case in which a heart attack victim died after Moreno tried to give him CPR while paramedics were held up with a drunk.

Karamanos, the paramedic who handled the case, said his records showed that he hadn’t been on a drunk call, and the victim — lying face down when he arrived — hadn’t gotten CPR from Moreno.

“There’s no way to give CPR to a patient who is face down,” Karamanos testified.

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