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Writer Greg Pak brings visceral 'Eternal' action

"Eternal Warrior"

"Eternal Warrior" Credit: "Eternal Warrior"

Comic writer Greg Pak got his start about a decade ago working for Marvel Comics, guiding the exploits of the Hulk, X-Men and Iron Man.

These days, Pak — who went to NYU’s graduate film program and who has won numerous awards for his film “Robot Stories” — can be found working on a number of high-profile books. For DC Comics, he’s writing “Batman/Superman.” “Code Monkey Save World” is an upcoming comic collaboration with indie musician Jonathan Coulton.

And starting today, he’s writing the action comic “Eternal Warrior” for Valiant Comics.

amNewYork spoke with Pak about “Eternal Warrior,” which has its first issue hit stores Wednesday.

Who exactly is the Eternal Warrior? Eons ago in ancient Sumeria, a great warrior named Gilad Anni-Padda was gifted with immortality and became the champion of that mysterious, mythic presence known as the Earth. For thousands of years, he’s been fighting countless wars and battles on her behalf But he’ll soon learn what happens to the Earth’s champion when he tries to walk away from his destiny.

How does he fit into the Valiant Universe? The “Eternal Warrior” book is where we’ll reveal and explore the untold stories behind the secret, shocking forces that make the Valiant Universe tick.

What does artist Trevor Hairsine bring to ‘Eternal’? He delivers incredible energy and atmosphere in every panel. A book like “Eternal Warrior” needs to feel visceral and real — you want to feel the dirt. ... And, boy, does Trevor deliver.

What’s going on with “Batman/Superman”? The book’s all about these two incredible characters as they drive each other crazy and push each other to be the heroes they’re destined to become.

What’s the status of “Code Monkey”? Just finished the first issue! It’ll be available soon [on the app] ComiXology. Takeshi Miyazawa’s art is blowing our minds. ... If you like supervillains, coding monkeys, killer robots and painfully unrequited love, don’tcha dare miss it!

Greg Pak will be at Forbidden Planet Wednesday night at 6:30,832 Broadway, 212-473-1576, FREE.

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