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'WTF'? Marc Maron jumps to TV

Marc Maron

Marc Maron Credit: Marc Maron

Since comedian Marc Maron started hosting his podcast “WTF with Marc Maron” in 2009, he's gone from getting fired three times in five years by the same company (former radio network Air America) to making headlines thanks to interviews with comics like Louis C.K., writing a new book (“Attempting Normal,” due out today) and writing and starring in his own show for IFC, “Maron.”

He’s also become a must-follow comedian on Twitter, and has done all of this while continuing to perform stand-up around the country.

amNY spoke to Maron.

You’ve got your stand-up, Twitter, a book and now a TV show. How many media outlets are too many to juggle at once? I think that’s an interesting question: How many can we live in? How do you keep up with? How do you feed people’s appetite for content with just being who you are? If you’re a guy who does what I do, how much life can you manufacture? It’s a trick thing that creative people have to deal with now.

Do you worry about the immediacy of Twitter stealing material that you could use in your stand-up or elsewhere? I’ve found that talking about something on the podcast and watching something evolve into a bit, or even writing about things, are very different experiences. But it’s a very modern problem for creative people to have.

What will your fans get from “Maron” that they might not have gotten from all of your other work? It’s infusing jokes into situations of my life. It’s me in a different medium, and it’s still a little confessional, with bits and pieces of me interacting with celebrities and other actors. As a fictionalized version of my life, I hope people will enjoy it.

‘Maron’ premieres Friday on IFC at 10 p.m.

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