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WWE wrestler Chris Jericho talks 'Robot Combat League'

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho Credit: Chris Jericho (Getty Images)

WWE wrestler Chris Jericho is no stranger to fighting giant foes like the 7-foot-tall grappler the Big Show, but the combatants at his new gig might be too much for even him to battle.

Jericho, also the frontman of the metal band Fozzy, is the host of Syfy's "Robot Combat League," where massive 8-foot-tall metal monsters, controlled by teams of two people, battle for robot supremacy.

amNewYork spoke with Jericho about the show.

How did you get involved with the show? Sometimes an offer comes to your desk and it seems so interesting you can't turn it down and that's what "Robot Combat League" was. Giant fighting robots - what's not to like?

What was it like seeing the robots in person? I remember when I actually went to the fighting pit and the robot walked in. If it hadn't stopped walking, I would have turned around and run away. They're like Terminators.

What is your role on the show? I'm kind of like the all-purpose jack of all trades that runs the ebb and flow of the show. I have to be the carnival barker that's selling it, the shoulder to cry on when the robot breaks down, I have to be the motivator when they're feeling down, depressed and lonely. And I'm the commentator.

Did you get to try out a robot? I would have loved to put on the exoskeleton. I never did. I think when we go to season 2, I'll definitely take a day to mess around with them.

What would a Chris Jericho robot be like? Probably short and stumpy, like a cigarette machine with a head on it, would be my guy.

On TV: "Robot Combat League" premieres Tuesday night at 10 on Syfy.

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