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Yankees busy, Mets aren't at Winter Meetings

Carl Crawford

Carl Crawford Credit: Getty Images

Brian Cashman didn’t have a spare moment at the Winter Meetings. But his cross-town rival, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson, had nothing but time. Here’s a rundown of Wednesday’s activity.

LHP Cliff Lee

According to several reports, Lee’s agent, Darek Braunecker, left the meetings in mid-afternoon, so it‘s unlikely Lee will sign anywhere before next week. The Yanks were poised to deliver an offer thought to land between $140 and $150 million over six years. That averages out to between $23 and $24 million, right around the average the Yanks paid CC Sabathia last year. But reported that Lee has a couple of seven-year deals on the table, and the Yanks would be reluctant to go the extra year.

OF Carl Crawford

The Yanks are said to remain very interested in him, regardless of whether they sign Lee. Getting the fast, powerful outfielder could free the Yanks up to trade Brett Gardner for a starting pitcher such as the Royals’ Zack Greinke, an elite pitcher who is neverthless a tier below Lee. An outside chance exists that the Yankees would sign both Crawford and Lee, though such a move would be a budget-buster even if they set up other trades.

RHP D.J. Carrasco and C Ronny Paulino

Alderson is saving his money until $60 million comes off the books next year. So the GM went out and got a decidedly middling right-handed reliever and backup catcher for a 2011 payout of about $2.5 million total. Carrasco relieved for Pittsburgh and Arizona last year, going 3-2 with 3.68 ERA in 63 appearances. Paulino was dealt from Philadelphia to Florida amid criticism of his work ethic, and was pinched for a 50-game suspension for PEDs that still has eight games remaining.

OF Carlos Beltran

Once rumored as a Red Sox trade target, the Mets center fielder doesn’t appear headed anywhere but Citi Field to serve out the final season of his seven-year, $119 million deal.

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