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Pakistani soldier killed by Indian gunfire

ISLAMABAD -- Indian troops fired across the Kashmir border and killed a Pakistani soldier yesterday, Pakistan's military said, the third deadly incident in the disputed Himalayan region in recent days.

Pakistan said the shooting was unprovoked. The Indian military said its troops responded to fire from across the frontier.

The tit-for-tat fighting threatens to reverse recent progress Pakistan and India have made in improving their historically antagonistic relationship. They have fought three major wars since they achieved independence from British India in 1947, two of them over Kashmir. The relationship reached a low point in 2008 when Pakistani gunmen killed 166 people in Mumbai. It has improved significantly since, but Kashmir is among issues unresolved.

Yesterday's violence comes on the heels of two recent more serious incidents in which the two sides accused each other of sending troops across the border and killing soldiers.

The Pakistani army said the latest incident occurred in the afternoon when Indian troops fired at a post in an area of Pakistan-held Kashmir called Battal, killing Havildar Mohyuddin, a soldier. Pakistan said the shooting was "unprovoked." The Indian military said its troops responded after Pakistani soldiers fired on their positions.

-- AP

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