NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said Friday he expressed his displeasure directly to the FBI about the "significant" lag in the way he was informed that the suspected Boston bombers intended to come to Times Square to detonate more explosives.

Kelly answered with a terse "yes" when asked if he had voiced his concern to the federal law enforcement agency. He told reporters there was a lag of at least 48 hours between the time the FBI interrogators learned from bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that he and his dead brother Tamerlan wanted to commit terrorism in Manhattan and that information was passed to the NYPD.

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"We want to know about anything that effects New York as quickly as possible," said Kelly. "So, in the sense that it was at least 48 hours to get that information, we consider the timing to be significant."

Kelly also said that it was unclear if law enforcement would have been able to intercept the Tsarnaev brothers had they continued to drive toward New York in a hijacked SUV.

Kelly wouldn't characterize how displeased he was over the information lag and said that he intended to work with the FBI to avoid similar things happening again.

The FBI's New York office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.