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State Legislature bans 'undetectable' firearms such as 3D printed guns

ALBANY — The State Legislature gave final approval Monday to a bill that makes a felony of manufacturing, selling or possessing a 3D printed firearm or other plastic weapons that can’t be seen by metal detectors.

“This is a firearm that has no lawful purpose,” said Assemb. Thomas Abinanti (D-Tarrytown), the bill’s sponsor.

Supporters say the weapons made of plastic and other nonmetal material are popular with terrorists and assassins because the weapons can pass undetected into secure buildings such as courthouses and nuclear power plants and onto aircraft.

The Assembly passed the bill 111-22 Monday. The Senate has passed the bill sponsored in that chamber by Sen. Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn) last Wednesday.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who brought the SAFE Act gun control law to New York, supports the concept. His spokesman had no immediate comment on whether the governor would sign the bill into law.

“Our country is under assault from gun violence, and there is a flood of firearms hitting our streets,” Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said in a statement last week. “Banning undetectable guns should be a non-controversial priority for all elected officials, yet it took the new Senate Democratic majority to finally bring this legislation to the floor for a vote.”

Democrats won Senate control in the November elections.

Assemb. Michael Reilly (R-Staten Island) voted for the bill, but argued that it should be a more severe Class D felony rather than a Class E felony. A Class E felony carries a sentence of up to three years in prison. A Class D felony carries a sentence of to seven year in prison.

“What we do on paper here translates to the street much differently,” he said.

Abinanti said the penalty mirrors federal law, but could be changed to a Class D if experience calls for the change.

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