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DiNapoli: Too many tax assessors

ALBANY -- State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says he's discovered a new reason for New York's high taxes: Too many tax assessors.

The finding in a report released yesterday comes with a recommendation to end the practice of the same property being evaluated separately by assessors from a village, town and county, or by a city and county.

"New York has the highest taxes in the nation, and we have the most assessors in the nation, as well," DiNapoli said. "This is an area ripe for sharing. There's no need for properties to be assessed over and over again by every level of local government. Towns, villages and counties should eliminate duplication and improve the quality of assessments to cut costs and save taxpayer dollars."

The Democrat found:

Consolidation could save New Yorkers $12.5 million a year in their property taxes.

New York's 62 counties and their municipalities have a total of 1,350 assessors, tax directors and assessment appraisers.

New York has 1,100 assessing units compared with fewer than 100 in most states.

The New York Conference of Mayors declined to comment. The New York State Association of Counties had no position.

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