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LeRoy man set own home on fire, shot at firefighters, cops say

LEROY, N.Y. — Police say a man is in custody after another man was fatally shot and a house was set on fire in a rural western New York town.

Media outlets report a 68-year-old man was killed early Tuesday morning at a home in the Genesee County town of LeRoy, about 15 miles southwest of Rochester.

Police say one man was taken into custody after the shooting and a fire at nearby home near the scene of the shooting. Officials say the gunman fired at firefighters when they arrived but none were injured.

Sheriff Gary Maha says the man in custody had set his own home on fire around 4 a.m., then went to a neighbor’s home and fatally shot a man who was in bed.

The names of the suspect and victim haven’t been released.

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