ALBANY -- A state lawmaker wants to ban a popular over-the-counter, muscle-building substance following cyclist Lance Armstrong's confession of using dangerous supplements to win the Tour de France.

The ingredient dimethylamylamine, known as DMAA, is legal and sold in many performance-enhancing drinks and powders and dietary supplements.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration began reviewing the safety of the supplement, often called a natural stimulant, last year.

"Students are being led to believe that these products will give them an edge over their competition. That's dead wrong," said State Senate co-leader Jeffrey Klein (D-Bronx).

"Not only are these products dangerous, but by using them, student athletes are one drug test away from ending their athletic careers," he said.

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The FDA hasn't determined DMAA is dangerous.

"Before marketing products containing DMAA, manufacturers and distributors have a responsibility under the law to provide evidence of the safety of their products," said the FDA's Daniel Fabricant. "They haven't done that."

Klein said the product is banned by the NCAA, National Football League, Major League Baseball, NBA, United States Tennis Association, NASCAR, and International Olympic Committee guidelines.

Yesterday, he released hidden camera images that depict some store clerks downplaying the risk of the products containing DMAA.

Assembly Democratic majority spokesman Michael Whyland said the conference hasn't yet seen Klein's proposal.