Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and lawmakers announced deals Wednesday to expand gambling in New York and overhaul the Long Island Power Authority. Here's the status of other key proposals as the end of the session nears:

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ONE SALE, ONE LOANSuffolk County wants approval to sell the Dennison Building and lease it back, for a quick cash influx. Nassau County wants permission to borrow to pay property-tax refunds. Under that bill, Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano would just need a majority vote from the county legislature to issue bonds for up to $305 million and wouldn't have to go through the Nassau Interim Finance Authority to obtain permission.

ELECTION REFORM Lawmakers rejected Cuomo's proposal to publicly finance elections and increase election oversight. He said he will launch a panel to investigate potential campaign-finance violations.

'TAX-FREE SUNY' Lawmakers will adopt Cuomo's "Tax-free SUNY" plan to try to lure businesses to locate near public universities. Private colleges can participate in a limited way.

ABORTION Republicans blocked Cuomo's push for a vote to codify Roe v. Wade abortion rights under state law. They said it potentially expands abortion rights.