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Wrong version of budget sent to Gov. Paterson

ALBANY - D'oh! It turns out that New York's long beleaguered politicians who thought they'd finally finished a state budget four months late on Aug. 3 really hadn't.

The Assembly sent the wrong version of a revenue bill to Gov. David A. Paterson, who then promptly signed the $1 billion measure.

The mistake, first reported by the Buffalo News, was blamed on an administrative mix-up. Officials say they are sure the correct bill was voted on by the Senate on Aug. 3. The Assembly, however, voted on the bill first, so it was its duty to send the correct bill to Paterson.

Paterson signed the correct bill yesterday.

The legislature, long accused of being dysfunctional, missed being responsible for the all-time latest budget by just hours this election year.

- AP

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