Jason Pierre-Paul came and Jason Pierre-Paul went.

A day after the Giants were first allowed to examine his injured hand, the defensive end was heading home to Florida without having signed a contract to play for the team this season. He remains on the reserve/franchise tag list and will almost certainly not be collecting the $14.8 million tendered to him. The Giants have not rescinded the tag, but it's clear they are unwilling to pay full price for what they now believe will be part-time production.

Asked if Pierre-Paul will be on a football field any time soon, one league source familiar with the situation said, "I would doubt it."

In fact, it could take more than a month for Pierre-Paul's hand to heal to where the Giants would like it to be for him to begin playing, leaving the two sides at an impasse yesterday.

It's expected that if Pierre-Paul misses any games due to the injuries to his right hand his salary will be adjusted accordingly, but that has to be negotiated by both sides.

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According to one report, Pierre-Paul is considering holding out the entire season if he does not receive his full allotment.

Pierre-Paul arrived in the New York area on Monday and spent time visiting with the coaches and front-office personnel in the afternoon after undergoing a physical examination from team doctors in Manhattan earlier in the day. His right arm was still bandaged, which could be an indication that wounds are still healing.