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Letter: Safer school zones with cameras

Traffic moves past the sign for the red-light

Traffic moves past the sign for the red-light camera on Old Country Road in Westbury on Aug. 18, 2011. Photo Credit: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara

The writer of "School cameras not about safety" [Letters, March 7] was misinformed.

The speed limit in most residential neighborhoods is 30 mph, not 40. The main reason we have 20-mph speeds posted around schools is to protect our children.

School crossing guards are not there to control traffic, as the writer suggests, only to help children cross the street.

Finally, the writer says that rear-end collisions could be caused by drivers abruptly slowing down when they approach a school. That is hogwash. Many drivers slow down without incident or accident.

I am elated about cameras in school zones. Maybe more people will become more caring of our future: our children.

Kenneth Maxwell, Patchogue

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