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Since 'Supernova,' Star's rise is meteoric

Ryan Star may have finished in sixth place on "Rock

Star: Supernova," but the exposure from the CBS reality show has already put

him on top.

Last week, Star's original song "Back of Your Car" hit No. 1 on the MSN

Music charts, ahead of new releases from Beyonc� and the Pussycat Dolls. To

feed that momentum, the Dix Hills native rushed into the studio yesterday to

record a live album with the "Rock Star" house band that will be released

online next week.

"As soon as I was voted off last week, Mark Burnett took me aside and said

he believed in what I do," Star said yesterday. "He said he wanted to break me

as an artist."

Burnett set up yesterday's concert, in front of hundreds of Star's fans, as

well as the incredibly fast distribution of the album, which will mix

originals and covers.

"I'm just seven days into my new life and I'm already recording a record,"

he said. "It's all moving so fast, but I'm riding the waves as they come."

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