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Steve Matthews / June 5 at BELMONT


1 Mile. Allowance. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $90,000.

Post -- 12:50 p.m.


2Two Taps(L)116Espinoza1-4-xShirreffs5-2

3Mei Ling(L)124Velazquez5-11-3Pletcher8-1

4Hold Me Down(L)118Cruz6-2-4Ronen20-1

5Been Here Before(L)118Ortiz, Jr5-2-7McLaughlin6-1

6Lady Serena(L)118Castellano1-5-4Brown2-1

7Garden Princess(L)118Rosario4-1-2Mott5-1

8Grandpa's Princess(L)116Franco8-1-2Weaver15-1

Lady Serena has trained sharply since front-running score in last; more to come. Two Taps was a front-end winner in last at SA; dangerous. Streethomealabama could impact if pace meltdown ensues.


61/2 Furlongs. Allowance. 3&up. Purse: $90,000.

1In Speight Ofitall(L)121Arroyo1-7-1Reiff30-1

2Lewys Vaporizer(L)119Ortiz, Jr3-1-5Rivelli3-1



5Awesome Bill(L)117Cancel7-2-2Ribaudo10-1

6Indian Brut(L)124Ortiz3-2-2Tagg5-1



9Mr. Romance(L)116Hernandez1-5-1Ward15-1

10Well Lawyered(L)124Velazquez1-3-3Cannizzo6-1

Awesome Bill took backward step in last after fast-figured placing in prior; rebounds. Speightster drew off to 7-length score in debut at Kee; dangerous. Energetico delivers strong efforts with machine-like consistency; right in the thick of this.


6 Furlongs. The JERSEY GIRL. 3yo. Fillies. Purse: $150,000.

1Noble and a Beauty(L)121Ortiz6-1-2Violette, Jr8-1

2Coco's Wildcat(L)115Lezcano3-2-3O'Connell10-1

3I'm a Looker(L)117Espinoza1-7-2Dupuy15-1


5Cavorting(L)123Ortiz, Jr9-7-1McLaughlin5-2


7Enchanting Lady(L)121Garcia9-1-5Baffert8-5

Noble and a Beauty is working strongly for return from 62-day layoff. I'm a Looker fired two bullet drills since winning last at Kee; price will be tempting. Enchanting Lady has trained sharply since dull effort in last; more than good enough on 'A' game.


5 1/2 Furlongs. The TREMONT. 2yo. Purse: $250,000.

1Cocked and Loaded(L)121Ortiz, Jr1-x-xRivelli8-1

2The Love Monkey116Rice3-5-xRice30-1


4Cat Tree(L)121Parker1-4-xKobiskie4-1


6Sweet Steppin(L)118Perez1-x-xSalzman, Jr20-1

7Uncle Vinny(L)121Velazquez1-x-xPletcher5-2

8Dr. Shane121Franco1-x-xEsler20-1

9Moment Is Right(L)118Rosario1-x-xWard6-1

10Paynes Prairie(L)116Castellano2-x-xAsmussen8-1

Cocked and Loaded made sustained rally when winning debut at Kee; 5-furlong bullet last week seals the deal. Dr. Shane wheels back in a hurry after front-end win in debut last Friday; very dangerous. Uncle Vinny lived up to heavy tote support when winning debut at 15 cents on the dollar on May 21; could easily take this.


7 Furlongs. Maiden Special Weight. 3&up. Purse: $85,000.

1Fortuitous Path(L)118Alvarado4-5-xRodriguez12-1

2Blame It On Vino(L1)118Arroyox-x-xKimmel15-1

3Here Sir(L)118Ortiz, Jr3-5-8Adsit8-1



6Indian Trail(L1)118Velazquezx-x-xPletcher7-2


8Lieutenant Dale(L1)118Rosariox-x-xZito12-1

9To Dare(L)118Franco3-6-4Morley5-1

10Bow Tie Boss(L)118Castellano2-2-2Jerkens3-1

11Loose On the Town118Lezcanox-x-xLynch12-1

12Apostrophe(L1)118Ortizx-x-xViolette, Jr12-1

To Dare fired two, crisp works since front-end third in last; more to give in second start since October. Fortuitous Path owns speed and could prove tough if able to shake clear from the fence. Bow Tie Boss has finished second in all three starts; continues trend? Here Sir should be aided by today's additional furlong; worth long look.


1 1/8 Mile. (Inner Turf). Allowance Optional Claiming. 3&up. Fillies and Mares Purse: $96,000

1Fashion Fund(L)122Lezcano5-1-4McGaughey III8-1

2My Miss Sophia(L)120Rosario5-5-7Mott7-2



5Regardez(L)120Ortiz, Jr4-4-2Brown4-1


7Fade to Black(L)120Alvarado3-1-4Schettino10-1


9Fresh Feline(L)122Espinoza1-2-5Shirreffs6-1

Chocolatier tallied solid final fraction when winning stateside debut at Kee; rates close call. My Miss Sophia is from a dam that's produced two turf winners and fired 5-furlong bullet on Belmont sod; very playable. Regardez was compromised by slow splits when failing as the favorite in U.S. debut; recoups losses?


1 Mile. (Widener Turf). Maiden Special Weight. 3&up. Purse: $85,000.

1Lookaroundcorners(L)117Ortiz, Jr10-x-xBrown3-1

2Hard to Want117Francox-x-xWeaver20-1

3Private Relations(L)124Alvarado4-8-2Kimmel8-1

4Wild Dynaformer(L)117Saez4-2-3Albertrani15-1

5Boone Station(L)117Cruz3-9-xMcLaughlin15-1

6Lottery Ticket(L1)117Rosariox-x-xMott15-1

7Hard Scuffle(L)117Hernandez7-7-xZito30-1

8The Catmancan(L)117Lezcano3-4-8Duggan12-1

9Fire Away(L)117Velazquez8-7-9McGaughey III20-1


11Seeking Alpha(L)117Castellano3-3-xBrown7-2

12Reverend Green(L)117Stevens8-6-xProctor10-1

13Tiz Time to Shake(L)124Carmouche2-9-4Shivmangal15-1


Also Eligible

15Bubba's d'Oro(L)124Carmouche10-x-xLevine50-1

Main Track Only

16Rare Eagle(L)124Ortiz, Jr7-2-5Albertrani5-2

The Catmancan notched swift final fraction when a tough-trip third in last; call based on price. Seeking Alpha logged five tight works since finishing fourth as the favorite in last; logical. Lookaroundcorners bested 'Alpha' when winning debut on Kee grass on April 18; dangerous.


6 Furlongs. The TRUE NORTH (Grade II). 4&up. Purse: $250,000.

1Favorite Tale(L)124Rosario2-5-1Preciado6-1

2Stallwalkin' Dude(L)122Cruz1-1-1Jacobson5-1

3Captain Serious(L)124Alvarado4-1-1Rice15-1


5Dads Caps(L)124Ortiz1-2-2Rodriguez4-1


7Clearly Now(L)122Lezcano2-7-8Lynch7-2

8Rock Fall(L)120Castellano1-1-1Pletcher5-2

Dads Caps was a change-of-pace winner in Grade 1 Carter last time and fired two, 5-furlong bullets for return. Captain Serious is a very serious player on an unchallenged lead. Clearly Now could be the prime beneficiary if front-end meltdown ensues.


1 1/4 Mile. (Inner Turf). The NEW YORK (Grade II). 4&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $300,000.


3White Rose(L)119Castellano6-4-5Mott12-1

4Waltzing Matilda(L1)115Alvarado4-3-2Stack12-1

1Kitten's Queen(L)117Cancel1-1-2Brown3-5

5Eastern Belle(L)115Lezcano2-3-4Motion10-1

6Beauty Parlor(L)119Ortiz, Jr5-1-1Clement8-1


1aStephanie's Kitten(L)119Velazquez1-2-1Brown3-5


White Rose makes peak start of form cycle after being pace and position compromised in last. Selenite has the benefit of the rail on tight-turned turf course. Stephanie's Kitten owns two wins from three starts on Belmont sod.


2 Miles. (Widener Turf). The BELMONT GOLD CUP

INVITATIONAL. 4&up. Purse: $250,000.

1Dynamic Sky(L)121Velasquez4-2-6Casse4-1

2Innovation Economy(L)117Ortiz, Jr1-1-7Brown5-1


4Comes the Dream115Alvarado2-10-2Weaver30-1

5Red Rifle(L)121Velazquez2-5-3Pletcher7-2

6Artic North(L)117Maragh1-8-4Cannizzo15-1


8Morning Calm(L)119Smith1-1-2Nihei10-1

9Manchurian High(L)117Lezcano8-4-1Kurtinecz8-1


11Reflecting(L)115Rosario2-3-4McGaughey III15-1

Manchurian High gets rider upgrade after tough-trip eighth in last. Unitarian owns a win at the absurd 2-mile trip; very dangerous. Artic North was second to Unitarian at the distance at GP in January; quick return on investment on high-priced claim? Comes the Dream's speed gives him a puncher's chance.

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