Janet Levine, 62, Melville, travel agent

My husband and I are from Franklin Square, and we've always been Mets fans. In the summer of '69, we lived in Forest Hills, Queens, and our best friends were a couple from Jericho. The four of us went to every game we could, and we loved Tom Seaver.

Watching them at Shea on TV blocked out the horrors of Vietnam and the assassinations of the year before.

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My dad was given two tickets for the third game of the World Series, and my girlfriend and I took the day off from work. We couldn't believe it: the Mets' first World Series, and their first game at home. Gary Gentry was pitching, Tommy Agee led off with a home run. They became the Amazin' Mets. They won 5-0, and the crowd went crazy.

When the Mets went on to win the Series, I believe this win helped our generation believe that miracles can happen. Maybe now, 40 years later, with another war going on and the financial crisis upon us, the Mets can, once again, work a miracle.-