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TERRORIST ATTACKS / Tests: Dust Not a Danger Here

Air-quality concerns were focused back on the immediate

area surrounding the World Trade Center blast site Friday as tests showed no

health hazard from the foul-smelling smoke plume that at times this week has

extended as far away as central Suffolk County.

Heavy rains and shifting winds Friday reduced the smoke and burning odors

that had plagued large portions of the metropolitan area this week, and on

Friday officials released the results of air tests conducted Thursday that

showed no evidence of any airborne asbestos or other harmful contaminants

outside of lower Manhattan.

"From a health perspective, there's no reason at all to tell people to

avoid being outside," said Suffolk County Health Commissioner Clare Bradley.

Test results were similarly comforting in Nassau and Queens.

In lower Manhattan, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, tapping

emergency cleanup funds under the federal Superfund program, has launched an

elaborate air testing program that includes six new monitoring stations and a

high-tech portable unit that will be parked close to the blast site.

Dust samples taken at the site have shown relatively high levels of

asbestos, a carcinogen.

EPA spokeswoman Bonnie Bellow said Friday that air tests Thursday in two

federal buildings in lower Manhattan - 290 Broadway and 26 Federal Plaza - did

find airborne asbestos, but that none of the samples exceeded one-tenth of the

maximum level allowed in workplaces by the Occupational Safety and Health


"There's nothing at this point that indicates that business can't resume"

in the Wall Street area on Monday as scheduled, she added.


5,000 and counting

Estimated deaths nationally


111 Bodies recovered

59 Dead identified

184 Official Death Toll

4,300 People injured


4,717 Names on the missing persons list including:

202 Firefighters

54 Police / Port Authority Officers

157 Airline passengers / crew


126 at the Pentagon

109 Airline passengers / crew

Figures are of 9:30 p.m. last night

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