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Victim of attack on World Trade Center identified

Another victim of the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center has been identified through DNA testing, bringing the number of identifications to 1,635, officials said Wednesday.

The remains of a 55-year-old man whose family didn't want his name disclosed were identified through DNA analysis of bone, said Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the Office of the City Medical Examiner.

The bone was found in the recovery process, which began after the attack and continued through May 31, 2002, Borakove said. Additional sifting of material recently found at the site is ongoing and has recovered 62 "potential human remains," Borakove said. Those new finds will be tested to see if they provide any matches.

Some 2,753 people were killed in the terror attacks on the World Trade Center complex. With the latest DNA match, the total number of identifications amount to 59 percent of those lost. In addition to DNA analysis, investigators have used an array of methods to identify the remains, such as dental records and fingerprints.

A total of 8,313 remains out of 21,861 recovered are still unidentified.

Officials said the unidentified remains will be subjected to additional testing if and when enhanced DNA techniques evolve.

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