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It’s official: April was pretty cold on Long Island

It was a cold, windy walk at Smith

It was a cold, windy walk at Smith Point County Beach on April 15. Credit: James Carbone

April may be recalled as the month that tried the patience of Long Islanders as they waited and waited, asking, “Will spring ever come?”

Despite two blips of 70-degree days around mid-month, April came in at 3.2 degrees below the monthly average, which is 49.1 degrees at Long Island MacArthur Airport, where records have been kept since September 1963.

Of the month’s 30 days, 22 came in at below normal, according to the National Weather Service, which tweeted a graphic Tuesday, showing how few days registered warmer than normal.

As for snow, there was plenty of that compared with other years. The airport saw 4.6 inches of snow — all falling on April 2 — which is 4 inches above normal for the month.

At play last month was the continuation of March’s weather pattern, which saw the jet stream tracking across the Northeast, “bringing storms with it,” said Jessica Spaccio, climatologist with the Northeast Regional Climate Center, based at Cornell University.

March, we might recall, brought record-breaking snowfall for the month — a whopping 31.9 inches at the airport, 27.4 inches above normal. Three out of the four weekly nor’easters that rolled through the area can take a bow for all that snow.

Rolling the clock back a bit further, we have the contrasting picture of February, which had Long Islanders marveling at its balminess.

The month came in at 6.3 degrees above the 32.8-degree norm, making it the mildest February on record, Spaccio said. As for snowfall, just 1.4 inches fell, 5.7 inches below normal.

Now, stepping back — or up — to May, a warmup is underway this first week, with forecasters looking at sunny or mostly sunny skies and temperatures heading up to around a well-above-normal 80 degrees Wednesday and Thursday.

Said weather service meteorologist Carlie Buccola, “It does seem we finally did get rid of the pattern” that kept people bundled up, and that “winter is gone.”

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