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Good Morning

Forecast: LI may get several inches of snow this week

A fast-moving storm system that could dump as

A fast-moving storm system that could dump as much as 4 inches of snow on some areas of Long Island arrived just in time to make for a slippery morning commute. (Dec. 17, 2013) Credit: Newsday Staff

There's good news for those celebrating New Year's Eve and Day outside -- expect dry, cold weather.

But the National Weather Service says a wintry mix will follow as early as Wednesday night.

"The potential for accumulating snow is growing quite a bit," said Upton-based meteorologist Joey Picca. "But is it going to be run of the mill, a few inches, or are we going to actually see a total much higher than that, six inches or more?"

How much and when are not clear yet as early forecasts show two low-pressure systems likely bumping into each other over Long Island between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, said Ashley Sears, a meteorologist with the Upton-based service.

If the systems meet more offshore, expect more snow and less rain, she said. Daytime temperatures will be in the mid- to low-30s starting Tuesday with overnight lows in the teens and low 20s.

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