More snow is on the horizon Saturday into Sunday, but forecasters as of Thursday were saying to look for just "a light snowfall situation" with a possible inch or two accumulation.

There's a slight chance of snow to start Saturday afternoon, with a 40 percent chance after midnight, ending by Sunday afternoon, said David Stark, National Weather Service meteorologist in Upton.

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Thursday's weather models were "not showing a significant type of storm" just a "couple of inches" of accumulation, he said, with Friday's updates likely to fine-tune timing and amounts.

That would mean a light snow event to mark the first anniversary of last year's blizzard that hit the area Feb. 8 to 9, dropping 27.8 inches of snow at Long Island MacArthur Airport, stranding drivers and leading to the closure of major highways.

As for Thursday, the daily forecast is for dry conditions and sunny skies, with temperatures in the high 20s.

Temperatures are expected to remain below freezing through Sunday, according to the weather service.

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With Ellen Yan