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Temps fail to top 90, but match record of 88

Tuesday's 88-degree high temperature at Long Island MacArthur Airport tied a record for the date but failed to snip the string of 410 days in which the thermometer did not reach 90 degrees, forecasters said.

The 88 degrees recorded was 10 degrees above the norm, forecasters said.

The record high for the date, set in 2005, was tied, but the 13-month string of no-90-degree days continues, with July 20, 2013, the last time the temperature rose above 89 at the airport.

It is the second longest run of no-90-degree days in the 30 years the National Weather Service has maintained records there, meteorologists said. The longest 90s-free period lasted nearly two years -- or 709 days -- from July 6, 2003, to June 13, 2005.

And, don't look for any other chances of breaking the 90-degree barrier this week, as the forecast is for dry skies with temperatures in the low- to mid-80s through Saturday, said Lauren Nash, a weather service meteorologist at the service's office in Upton.

At play, she said, is "high pressure building in from the south," bringing warmer air.

Looking back to August, the average temperature for the month was 71.9 degrees, nine-tenths of a degree below the norm, the weather service said.

The good news is that an incoming front will push out humid, sticky air, said David Stark, another weather service meteorologist in Upton.

While temperatures will remain in the low to mid-80s during the next few days, the front will provide drier air, forecasters said.

"It will be hot, but much more comfortable than we've had over the last few days," Stark said of the forecast through Friday.

By the weekend, another front increases the chance of rain and offers slightly cooler temperatures, the weather service said.

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