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Hudson Valley weather: Heat to return later this week

Luis Donez keeps watch as beach-goers enjoyed the

Luis Donez keeps watch as beach-goers enjoyed the warm weather on Memorial Day at Croton Park Beach. (May 27, 2013) Credit: Elizabeth Daza

Remember the hot and muggy weather last week?

It's going to be worse in a few days, News12 meteorologist Darryl Green said Monday.

"People are going to be looking for the air conditioners to go back into their windows if they don't have central air," Green said.

Showers on Tuesday will likely dispel the relatively cool temperatures of the last few days, opening a corridor for warm winds from the South to flood into the Hudson Valley, he said.

On Tuesday, Green said the temperature should be in the mid-60s, with overnight lows in the 40s.

But on Wednesday, thermometers will register temperatures in the low 80s. By Thursday and Friday, it will be humid, and temperatures will hit the high 80s.

"People will feel a little less comfortable as we get to Thursday and Friday," Green said.

The meteorologist also cautioned that the air could be quite stagnant, a potential hazard for people with respiratory problems as well as pets that can't easily cool themselves down. People (and animals) should be sure to drink plenty of water, he said.

The temperatures should remain level in the mid to high 80s through the weekend.

Relief won't come until Monday, said Green, when showers should help drop the temperature to the mid-70s. The fluctuation is normal year-round, but it's especially to be expected in the spring, he added.

"I'm not one of those people who say the summer switch has been thrown," he said.

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