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Long Island weather: Sunny today, temperatures in the mid-50s

Jordan Rodland, 2, of Holbrook, feeds a goat

Jordan Rodland, 2, of Holbrook, feeds a goat at the Wildlife and Ecology Center in Holtsville on Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019. Credit: James Carbone

Wednesday and Thursday both offer warm daytime temperatures in the mid-50s, but only the former will be sunny, while the latter will feel like winter at night, the Islip-based National Weather Service said.

On Thursday, mostly after 4 p.m., the odds that rain will fall are at 60%.

The shocker, however is the wind chill: 25 to 30 is what it will feel like that night, as showers continue, wind gusts kick up to 28 mph, and the thermometer falls to 32, the weather service said. 

The Island, however, could escape the first snow that the rest of the tristate area might see.

"Rain will overspread the region late Thursday afternoon with a chance of snow showers mixing in across the far north and west as the front moves through Thursday night," the weather service said. "Showers could continue until midnight, and the temperature will fall to freezing."

And then Friday — and the weekend and Monday's Veterans Day — look mainly clear and bright — though surprisingly chilly.

"Sunshine returns on Friday, however, it will be much cooler with highs 10 to 15 degrees below normal," the weather service said. 

Friday's daytime high is 41; at night the thermometer could drop below freezing to 27.

A sunny Saturday also could be cold: just 42 during the day, and down to nearly freezing at night, the NWS said.

Sunday's sun warms the thermometer to 52, with a nighttime low of 38.

Veterans Day parades should get the benefit of at least partly sunny skies, with a high of 51, the weather service said.

Monday night, however, could bring the dreaded wintry mix of rain and snow.

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