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Good Morning

Long Island weather: Cloudy and unseasonably warm

Friday's clouds and mild temperatures should last through the night but the sky should clear in time for a sunny Saturday and possibly for much of Sunday, the National Weather Service in Islip said.

The odds of rain on Sunday after midday have fallen to 20%, though by nightfall, the chances soar to 90%, the weather service said.

And Monday almost undoubtedly will be rainy, though all of the next several days — including New Year's Eve — should remain mostly clear and clement.

Until then, Friday's daytime high is expected to be a balmy 54 degrees — about 20 degrees above normal. 

Saturday, expected to be mostly sunny, should also be a mild 48 degrees though the night time temperature will fall to nearly freezing, the weather service said.

Daytime thermometers should remain in the mid- to upper-40s through Thursday, the weather service said.

New Year's Eve on Tuesday will be a chilly 33 degrees with some clouds, though they should vanish by the first day of 2020. 

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